Vocabulary Section

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Vocabulary Section

Ch. 16-20

list of useful words and expressions:

to put moral scruples aside

to be confident

at somebody's request

to put a stop to something

to make an appointment

to get something straight

to give somebody away

to lead a devil of a life

to recover one's self-control

to see one's point

to have some effect on somebody/something

to be alert

to share one's amusement

to interfere with one's private concerns

to show somebody off

to break one's engagement

to go about something

to get into mischief

to bring the matter up

to make an allowance, to make allowances

to be past caring

in the twinkling of an eye

to be scared out of one's wits
^ 2. Fill the gaps with prepositions in the box:








up to

a) And he was pleased to be ________ familiar terms ________ a large number of more or less distinguished persons.

  1. That gave women such a hold them.

  2. But all the same from that day on she took care to act ______ Tom’s
    standards of decency.

  3. She never cared that sort of thing before.

  4. How dare you interfere my private concerns!

  5. Michael flattered himself his sense of humour.

g) He chuckled the thought of the joke he had his sleeve.

h) You take a great weight my mind.

i) That's the bottom of the trouble.

j) One would think you were terribly anxious to get rid me.

k) Have you been the stage long?

^ 3. Pick up the necessary verb from the box:









a) Too many people are in large profits from the housing


  1. He's to staying out very late.

  2. Let's our disagreements aside and make a fresh start.

  3. I was going to stay in, but Rosie me into taking her to the


  1. People have started to about us.

  2. The government is desperately trying to public concern abo­ut the spread of the disease.

  3. She was very that her father and I went to school together.

h) I don't you your holiday. It's just that you've chosen an

unfortunate time to go.

i) She'll out your secret if you're not careful.

j) Which play is the Theatre Group on next?

4. What are the missing words?

a) She has moral and religious __________ which prevent her from eating meat.

  1. I've always been on good with my neighbours.

  2. She lacks . I've never known anyone so timid

and unsure of themselves.

d) In the competition there was a huge between the

best and the worst performances.

e) Our round-the-world cruise was an we'll never


f) I've been making about the cost of a round-the-
world ticket.

g) She seems to regard any advice or help from me as

_____ .











h) "This is a poor piece of work." - "Yes, but you should

make _____________ for the fact that he's only seven."

i) "I'm sorry I forgot your name just now." - "It's all

right. I didn't take it as a __________________."

j) She was in a terrible ______________ before the interview.

k) He made a decent ____________at writing his essay even

though he didn't have much time to do it.

5. Say the same in English:

  1. Я сподіваюся, що ви зглянетесь на мою хворобу і не будете дуже сердитися.

  2. Хлопець скочив у халепу і був переляканий до смерті.

  3. В одну мить вона підскочила до хлопця і, схопивши його за руку, зтягнула з залізничної колії.

  4. "Не смійте втручатися в мої справи! - скрикнула Джейн. - Я впораюся зі своїми проблемами без вашої допомоги. Мені бай­дуже, що ви будете думати про мене."

  5. На прохання Джеймса Енн зателефонувала до контори Сомса і домовилася про зустріч на 6 годину вечора.

  6. Так, я розумію, що ти маєш на увазі. Але я боюся підвести Мері. Вона і так перелякана до смерті.

  7. Том був насторожі з самого початку. І це допомогло йому три­мати себе в руках, коли Джеймс підняв це питання.

  8. Я була впевнена, що Джона не будуть мучити докори сумління, і він спробує знову призначити побачення Енн, тому вирішила покласти цьому край.


Vocabulary Section icon1 Active Vocabulary

Vocabulary Section icon1 Active Vocabulary

Vocabulary Section iconI. Read and translate the text using the vocabulary

Vocabulary Section iconТема 14. Прийом у лікарню. Заповнення історії хвороби >I. Active vocabulary

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